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046 - Jetsetting to Japan

April 02, 2024
The Midfield Pod
046 - Jetsetting to Japan
Show Notes

  Welcome back Midfielders! Dan and Patrick are set and ready to bring you all of their expansive knowledge and insight into next weekend's race in Japan. The grid is still up for grabs as it can be anyone's race (maybe not mercs) going into the high-speed, fast-cornering circuit of Suzuka. Buckle in and join us as we preview the Suzuka Japanese Grand Prix!

0:00 - Intros/ Tying up some loosies. The jury's still out on 'Nando v. Georgie v. FIA. Sly foxes, dirty driving and inconsistency are the hot topics still left on our palettes from Australia.

3:20 - Suzuka! We look forward to Japan, and it's not just The Vapors who're turning this weekend. The whole grid is going to have to deal with almost non-stop, high-speed cornering. The boys break down the track itself, how big of dorks we are, and begin the speculation on weather. Possible rain on race day? Color us excited!
18:20 - Penalties, only a few to go around this year, but Dan's keepin' tabs like Santa Clause. We check in on the naughty list and Patrick can't keep french names out his dang mouth! He also doesn't know the difference between a financial penalty, and one deserving of points, but we still love him anyways.

22:45 - We make some BOLDIES, and for the first time ever the boys are going down together as papaya podium prophets. Expecting to see some orange on the podium this weekend as McLaren has us all riled up. Dan talks averages, and Patrick understands basic math!

27:25 -  A quick look into the Pirelli tire/track preview for this weekend/closing arguments. Thanks again for listening, and be sure to follow us on socials!
See you next week!

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