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045 - Mayhem in Melbourne!

March 26, 2024 Midfield Media
The Midfield Pod
045 - Mayhem in Melbourne!
Show Notes

G'day mates! Another messy Melbourne GP! Safety cars, pit failures, and references that won't land. Welcome back to another jam packed episode of The Midfield! Dan and Patrick break down last weekend's Grand Prix in Australia, and get all the info on our midfield teams after a warm weekend down undah! Crikey what fun!

0:00 - Intros/ back-pats for the red cars. Appendix's weigh you down, get rid of it. It'll make you more aerodynamic when you fight. MEGA 1-2 from the Tifosi. Sing loud while you can redshirts!

6:05 - Nippin' at the heels of the Ferrari's is Dan's favorite duo, the Papayas. A solid start to the season for both young drivers. Win or lose, we love Lando's transparency. Ya gotta keep it real when you're driving for the Soccer Dad of the Paddock.

13:10 - Differing definitions of dirty, Dan deems it DNF's. Patrick preaches premonitions. George jumbles his gears in gravel, and Lewis loses out. FIA find's Fernando at fault?! ACK! alliterator exhausted.

29:08 - BOTH Aston's made it back to the garage this weekend. Fernando falls a few places as Google lies to Patrick about the results, and we say nice things about Lance.

34:05 - Yuki Yuki Yuki! Early season questions starting to come from VCARB and the big dawgs that Danny's needs to get his drive together. Sounds like D2S needs some drama-fodder for next year, and what better than the same ol' song and dance?

37:30 - The best transition yet! Haas is looking great to start the season. Dan doesn't think it can last, Patrick still can't tell the difference between Haas and Williams. It's gonna be a long season.

41:10 - The one-car-wonders! Williams only brought one chassis to Melbourne? What goofs! Patrick feel's there was a missed opportunity to apply some pressure to our young American.

47:25 - KICK me in the head. KICK the whole crew off the team, KICKSauber is god-awful in the pits. Cross-threading, bolts flying, it's a mess all over the paddock. 46.9 second stops, and starting from pit lane, are only gonna keep you ahead of the Frenchies for so long. KICK your butts in gear and keep that pretty car on the track!

54:35 - Wrap up/goodbyes. Thanks again for listening and be sure to follow us on socials and share with your friends!

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