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044 - Thunder Down Under! - A Melbourne Preview

March 19, 2024 Midfield Media
The Midfield Pod
044 - Thunder Down Under! - A Melbourne Preview
Show Notes

  The boys are getting ready for another weekend of racing, this time in Melbourne Australia for the Rolex Australian Grand Prix! We make our predictions and break down each driver in the midfield as we look forward to this high-speed circuit. Then round out the episode with some tire-talk. Lights out and away we go on this week's Midfield!

0:00 - Intros/ Get off our lawns! We're old, but we get all excited about Melbourne, let's dive in! Possible mix up in the standings, data points, tires! The boys break down their choices for top team driver in Australia's GP.

8:20 - Starting at the bottom (or as low as we're willing to go) it's VCARB. Not much of a difference between these two poised young drivers. Is the hometown advantage enough to push Danny ahead of Yuki?

10:20 - Sauber is a different story, two seemingly opposite cars, on fairly opposite sides of the midfield. An easy pick for Patrick this week, between two cars that look really nice in the garage.

12:35 - Williams or Willwon'ts? Patrick's afraid we may have over-hyped our English friends. Dan still holds out hope for Albon and Sargent. Whispers of a BOLD prediction...

18:00 - Haas. So quick they barely warrant a time stamp. Another team with one driver having success, and the other not so much. Chin up K-Mags.

19:40 - This team accompanies a true BOLDY. Patrick makes his stand for Aston Martin this weekend, and makes old-timey car noises. Also our toughest segment; say something nice about Lance.

21:54 - The silver arrows aren't where they want to be with their car, but George doesn't seem to mind. Is this the weekend they get some answers and get some better standings in the constructors?

24:14 - The papayas make it a tough choice. Both young drivers, in a seemingly great car right out of the gate. What's not to love? We can't think of anything, and expect to see these guys continue to climb the standings.

27:10 - The team of three. Who's gonna get the call for Ferrari this weekend? Young stud Ollie, or a potentially sub 100% Squishy. Patrick senses typical Tifosi trouble brewing. So many questions, so much anticipation.

31:54 - Pirelli tire preview! Dan explains track evolution to Patrick. Turns out they're important for racing, who knew? Will the new C5 softs make an impact on the weekend? Will Patrick ever understand this graphic? Only time will tell.

That's a wrap as we look forward to a weekend down undah! Join us next week, and be sure to check us out on all our socials!

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