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043 Patrick Explains an Undercut

March 12, 2024 Season 2 Episode 3
The Midfield Pod
043 Patrick Explains an Undercut
Show Notes

  Welcome back for another week of Midfield action, all juiced-up after a full weekend of racing in Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah Grand Prix, the boys break down the action between the top and bottom teams, talk our favorite drives of the day, and Patrick explains what he thinks an undercut is. Grab your popcorn and buckle in!

0:00 - Intros/ Red cars go fast! Red boots stay squishy!

13:03 - McLaren, faster 'round the bends than down the straights, the papayas seem a lil' snuggled in around P4. Are they the new bad boys in town? With Mercedes having some real issues at the start of the season, they very well could be.

27:25 - Aston Martin, the team with one driver. The boys find out what Patrick thinks an undercut is. (It's not a haircut) Can Fernando keep the good times rolling? Can Lance replace all the pieces of his car that remain stuck in the wall? We introduce another new segment!

36:35 - Them dang Haas boys are at it again! Is it a good car? Is it the sandbaggin' strat? Is Nico actually a Hulk? All we know is these dudes are surprising, and in a good way for once. Here's hoping that car CONTINUES to improve..

52:50 - Honeybadgers, bumblebees, VCARB is not hype. Ricciardo isn't performing and it makes us super bummed brah. Buckle up your bootstraps and find some inspiration Danny, or you'll be looking at Yuki's gearbox all season.

59:10 - Williams and a discussion on blind faith. Things aren't boding well for The Midfield's off-season expectations. Logan's all buff now, Vowells' at the helm, and after 2, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Dan's still holding out for our heroes, Patrick's confidence is wavering.

1:08:30 - Sauber, sauber, sauber. We shake our heads with thee. If your pit stops are 10x longer than the majority of other teams, your gonna have a bad time. Maybe that car's so good looking they just want to keep it in the pits to gawk at it?

Offdah! Quite the meaty episode. Thankfully we get a weekend off to digest all this awesome racing action. Thank you for all of your support on our social media platforms! Thanks for listening and be sure to share with your friends!

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