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042 Bahrain Recap / Jeddah Preview

March 05, 2024
The Midfield Pod
042 Bahrain Recap / Jeddah Preview
Show Notes

  The boys are back for Bahrain 2024! What excitement awaits in this new season of Formula 1 racing? The Dark Lords still atop the drivers championship, while Logan might as well've stayed in the wall. Sounds like we're dancing to the same old song and dance until, RECORD SCRATCH!
  Carlos on the podium? Who?! The what?! Join Dan and Patrick as we tear into this and all the other fun midfield action, and find out what team gets the conversational axe in this week's episode!

0:00 - Intros/ Who's in? Who's out? What's a midfield anyways?! We eliminate a team for the start of the season, and talk about the VCARB miscommunications. Yuki big angries. Keep pushing that rock buddy.

9:10 - Pick your jaws up off the floor, someone check on Guenther, Haas looks NOT awful! Good quali, good race pace, normal tire degradation? Has Haas been the sleeping tiger in the corner of the midfield? Only time will tell, but an excellent start to the season for one of our favorite midfield teams.

18:10 - P8 Papaya. Hammie's radio excellence. Dan makes car noises. Patrick brings up MJ. Mercedes makes malfunctioning motors. Cooling or batteries, either way there's issues across the grid with these engines. Losing to Lando looks lousy! The speculations are as heavy as these alliterations.

28:40 - Rough day for Crusty Rusty in the Merc, but still a good quiet race from our Brit, baby boy. Dan finds a fun game to play with Georgie and his behavioral trends.
31:15 - Red cars go fast! Patty's BOLDY prediction is paying off after the first race. Unfortunately Chuck had half a car and still took P4, we'll keep our optimism tempered. Atta boy Squishy, way to grab an early podium without wrecking both cars!
39:40 - Dan gets in a few more undercuts as we put the wrap on Bahrain and look to Jeddah and the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. The boys make their podium picks for this all-fast, no-slow, possibly over-cornered race in the desert.

47:10 - Closings, shout outs and final thoughts. Thanks again Ashleigh for all your help! Be sure to check out our fancy new facebook page!

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