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040 - Mark Schofield + 2024 Predictions

February 20, 2024 Midfield Media Season 2 Episode 40
The Midfield Pod
040 - Mark Schofield + 2024 Predictions
Show Notes

A guest on The Midfield?! The boys are blessed with an interview with a real, live, journalist. The trio talk Williams and the upcoming season for all the teams, (except the team that will remain un-nameless of course). Then Dan and Patrick finish off their predictions for the top half of the Midfield, on this week's jam packed episode.

0:00 - Intro's/ a guest on The Midfield?!

0:55 - Mighty Mark Schofield joins the boys for a chat! NFL and F1 writer for SB Nation shares his discovery of F1, Patrick has a rare, solid analogy and Mark breaks down what he learned at Williams car launch in NYC.  Sidepods? Whatever, Vowels is our guy all around. Buckle in for this awesome interview that's chock-full o' neats, feats, and sweet treats!

29:30 - We say goodbye to our new BFF, and crack into the top half of our season's Midfield predictions!

30:30 - Lights out and the car's the same! Its Aston Martin. Dan loves the green look, Patrick's not convinced. Even with Alonso, we care mostly about how they look tbh.

33:15 - Can we start with some toasty papayas this year? If so, this could be a really, really big year. The Midfield loves McLaren!

40:20 - The question is Carlos. Will he perform well enough to find a good seat for 2025? Or will we get more or less the same from our old pal Squishy B. Either way Ferrari's gonna be a fun watch early this season.

45:50 - What does Lewis' final season at Mercedes look like? Does George have what it takes to be top dog this year? Can Patrick keep the two driver's names separate? It's anybody's guess.

51:34 - Wrap ups, thank you's and closings. See you next week.

Mark’s F1 Articles on SB Nation.

Marks article on Williams’ Car Launch

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