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039 - 2024 Season Predictions

February 14, 2024 Season 1 Episode 39
The Midfield Pod
039 - 2024 Season Predictions
Show Notes

As we gear up for the new season, it's time to make our prediccy's about THIS year's grid. Starting with the bottom this week! Who do we like, hate, love this upcoming year? All this and more in this weeks episode!

0:00 - Intros/ Haas is hurtin'.

5:30 - Steaks? Stake? Whatever this team's name is, our thoughts on The Car Formerly Known As Alpha Romeo. Potential? Patty's hopeful, Dan's realistic.

12:20 - VCARB. Solid young team, goofy new name, honey mustard. Patrick expects a lot from these guys this year, perhaps too much? 

20:40 - Dan's favorite, Patrick's favorite, your favorite, it's Williams. Who's not excited about this year for Williams? Not us. 

28:20 - Down the slopes for Alpine. The boys' predictions do not bode well for the Frenchies. Not everyone can be a winner, and these guys ain't it.

31:10 - Livery releases, shoutouts and closing arguments.

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