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038 - F1's Busiest Offseason Week Ever

February 07, 2024 Season 1 Episode 38
The Midfield Pod
038 - F1's Busiest Offseason Week Ever
Show Notes

So much breaking news, our news-er broke! Andretti in, out? Maybe later? Maybe never? Sayonara Sainz! Ferrari looks good, NEXT year. Haas looks bad, forever? New Sprint formats and all the good stuffs! Tune in for the hottest takes of the hottest week of 2024!

0:00 - Intros/ Andretti's in, no out. In? No, out. FIA say yay, F1 say nay who knows for today?

8:10 - Lewie on the Move! The boys are excited to see the champ in new duds. Is Squishy the driver he's thought to be? Or just a crybaby...

17:45 - New sprint format! Love it or hate it, it's new. Dan loves technical regulations, Patrick loves DRS.

25:30 - Livery reveals! Some flashy, some staying true/boring. The MFP agrees; make it pop! Regardless of where you place, you gotta look good to play good.

29:25 - Crouching Tiger Hidden Williams. The boys agree this is set to be the lower-tier, midfield, team-to-beat!

34:20 - Shoutouts and closings. See you next week!

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