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037 - 2025 F1 Driver Lineup Predictions

January 31, 2024 Season 1 Episode 37
The Midfield Pod
037 - 2025 F1 Driver Lineup Predictions
Show Notes

  We know what the grid for 2024 is going to look like at the first lights out of the year, but what happens when almost every driver's contract expires by 2026? Dan and Patrick dive in to make their predictions for who's-going-where in the coming year.

0:00 - Intro/ Silly season? You're silly. We're silly. So silly. Toasty seats, possible re-signings, dominos, Wu-Tang? Speculations galore!

13:00 Patrick provides a point on papayas! Mclaren and Aston Martin in the spotlight.

19:20 Alpine changes? Will they happen, work, and still be super French? Only time will tell.

24:20 Williams, Haas, both bad, At least somebody's got Albon, if anyone gets canned for Andretti, it'll come from here.  Bad omens getting us all riled up.

40:15 VCARB? 2 decent cars, 2 decent drivers, 1 terrible name. Are one of these guys destined for the hot no.2 seat at the top team? The boys disagree.

47:45 The... err somethings. Possible landing spot for Ocon? Nobody likes Zhou. Has Dan totally lost his mind? Closing remarks and shout outs.

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