The Midfield Pod

033 - Squishy Boots

November 28, 2023 Season 1 Episode 33
The Midfield Pod
033 - Squishy Boots
Show Notes

Andy, Dan and Patrick recap the season finale from Abu Dhabi. We discuss our favorite moments from the weekend, ring the bell early, and finish with a(nother) Haas rant. 

0:30 Ferrari vs Mercedes
6:30 Hamilton Hampered 
10:15 Fernando's Brake Check
12:00 Brundle Always Delivers
13:35 Lando vs #11 Penalty
17:15 AT vs Williams 
23:00 Why Can't the French Figure It Out? 
28:10 Final Driver Standings
34:45 Postseason Middie Awards (Coming Soon)
39:30 Haas Has Zero R&D

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