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031 - Valteri BottAss

November 14, 2023 Midfield Media Season 1 Episode 31
The Midfield Pod
031 - Valteri BottAss
Show Notes

Patrick and Dan break down the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, Valteri Bottas' new calendar, and what is a livery? 

00:45 Las Vegas Track is a Pig being Spit-Roasted 
6:00 The Las Vegas Sphere
9:05 Pirelli Cheat Sheet for Las Vegas GP
10:45 Netflix Cup
          Lando Norris/Rickie Fowler vs Carlos Sainz/Justin Thomas
          Alex Albon/Max Homa vs Pierre Gasly/Colin Morikowa 
17:10 New Ferrai Livery/What is a Livery? 
19:10 Ferrari vs Mercedes Constructor Battle 
22:05 Valteri Bottas' Ass Calendar 
23:10 Andretti has a Power Unit agreement with GM/Cadillac 
24:15 Haas with Another Shot in the Dark 
25:45 Las Vegas GP Top 3 odds and Top 10 odds
31:34 MidField Best Bets

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